Monday, June 28, 2010

The Finisher...

This nap mat with matching pillow was started in 2006 for my second son's 3 rd birthday.
It's 2010 and it was finished last week. What needed to be done? Just hand-sewing the binding.
Why did it take so long? No idea! But I finished it just in time for my youngest 3rd birthday:
Of course, it has someone's name on it, but when you are playing house, who cares, right?

Fabric Used: Kona Solid, Assorted Juvenile Prints, Sesame Street Print, flannel for backing
Batting: Warm and Natural, unbleached
Embroidery Design: Amazing Designs Sesame Street
Equipment: Singer Sewing Machine and
Brother PE-150 Embroidery Machine

Each Solid Square was embroidered with a different Sesame Street character.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Doll Quilt

This is a first ever doll quilt I made.
I chose to use big blocks of color because I really need to practice my free-motion technique and every square was quilted with a different design.
The print is Kaffe Fasset Millefiore in Pastel.

My favorite free-motion quilted block. Is started out as a
"Flowing Glass" design, but morphed into an underwater scene.