Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Sewing Resolutions (2016 edition)

I am not big on resolutions really.  I believe that when a person wants to make a change (positive or otherwise) they can start at any moment in time.
So resolutions for me are more of a "to do list". And lists I do like. Type A!

I approach sewing just like everything else in life: as learning opportunity, and now that I have little humans, sometimes as a teaching opportunity as well. I love patterns and designs with interesting details and challenging techniques, which allow me to obtain new skills.

My 5 year old started sewing recently.
She is the only one that takes interest and has enough patience so far.
And that's OK.
She enjoys it and her sewing accomplishments make her proud.

Sewing Resolutions for 2016
(or Sewing I am attempting to accomplish, but sadly realize I never have enough time)

Sew  Bags and a nice wallet - yes, I've made bags before, but I want a really nice, well made bag from fabrics/vegan leather I love with nice hardware, pockets and compartments.
I am looking at Swoon Bags for fun patterns now, but if you have other ideas- spam me!
Made a couple of Swoon bags since starting this post: Ramona and Coraline!
Here is Coraline (this one is available in my Etsy or Zibbet Stores)

Bra Sewing - this is one of the main items on my "sewing to do list" While I've made a few bras this year:  wire-free, underwire, self-drafted cup, 2 different foam bras; I would like to concentrate more on drafting and adjusting the fit.
  • Re-watch both courses I took on Craftsy for  bra constructions and design.
  • Study the book I just received 
  • Draft and make a muslin of padded, unpadded and wire free bras 
  • Draft and sew a supportive sports bra
My trusty Craftsy Classes:
Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit
Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques
I would like to concentrate on fit and design more.

I received my copy and find the information useful, but mostly geared towards beginners.
Would like to experiment with power bars, support, etc.

Pattern Drafting and Grading -  need to think about plan of action on this one. Definitely not buying more patterns this year (with the exception of some independent pattern designers)
I am going to look into a good course online or a book (not new to drafting)

So far I have found Create Any Size: Pattern Grading for Sewers on Craftsy  and a highly recommended book (or a booklet) by Nancy Zienman - The Busy Woman's Fitting Book.
Also, some great tutorials at Curvy Sewing Collective.
Active wear - I recently discovered a source for fabulous active wear supplex fabric and I now see no reason to buy overpriced leggings and tops for workouts.Sports Bra- is one of the bras on my agenda for this year.

Reverse Applique - a technique I wanted to try for a long time and always forget about it.

Finish the Star Wars Quilt I've been making (started over a year ago!)
Inventory the fabric for Kool Kaleidoscope I've been collecting fabric for and see what's missing.

Photography: while not directly related to sewing, I would like to brush up on my photography skills, Photoshop and Lightroom for better quality pictures ad to provide pictures for designer sewing pattern testing.

And that's it!
Looking forward to reading your crafty resolutions, 2016.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A-Line Dress and Matching Leggings - Love Notions Patterns Lil' LDT

I love using flower prints in the winter! This Lil' LDT dress from Love Notions  started out in stretch denim without color accents and looking very, very drab and sad. (Why did I think that hooded A-Line dress in stretch dark denim would look "fun"???) I chopped of the hood, added flower print cowl, peek-a-boo pockets and matching flower leggings and now it's a favorite outfit!


Action shot!
Tutorial for Peek-a-Boo pockets with detailed pics to follow soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mail call! Fabric, notions, patterns

What can be possibly more exciting than receiving 3 (three!) fabric packages on the same day? 

10 yards of cotton lycra prints from Paris Bebe

4 yards of cotton lycra prints and 3 panels from Peek-a-Boo fabrics 

From Peek-a-Boo fabrics:
From top: 3 panels from Peek-a-Boo  Fabrics
Rilley Blake Happy Flappers Coordinate
My Little Pony
Hello Kitty

From Paris Bebe Fabrics:

Grunge Bats in Yellow and fuchsia!
Zebra Stripe Hello Kitty
Royal Damask
And yards and yards of solid cotton lycra in basic colors

Yes, I had a certain someone in mind when I bought this!

From Bravo Bella:

Intimately Yours Bras That Fit book

Bra Finishing Kits in Navy and Purple

Bra Wires in different length

Silk Pins (great for lighweight fabrics)

A tiny measuring gauge for bra construction

Queen Bra Elite Pattern, which I assumed was a horizontal 3 part cup and ended up being exactly the same style as the Kwik Sew pattern I already own.

And that's all! Enough to keep me busy for a while.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Style Arc Sewing Patterns

I've only recently discovered Style Arc.
Forums and reviews on are full f raves regarding fit, ease of alterations, stylish design.
So I spent so time going over the patterns, deciding what would be a good pattern to try for winter.

I narrowed it down to the following few:

Estelle Ponte Jacket

Cozy, easy sew, great for dressing up or down/


Ziggi Jacket

This is one seriously stylish jacket! Great detail, very nice shape and range of colors



Lea Knit Wrap Dress 

I think this is a very flattering cut on any figure. I wonder what it would look like in a soft sweater knit (Hacci)

Elita Designer Top

What an interesting twist on a simple top! Love the cowl/funnelneck. I remember sewing quite a few of these in current magazines.

Heidi Cardigan

Simple, easy, comfy, warm - the most popular easy "grandpa cardi" or "boyfriend sweater" so popular this season. I definitely need a couple of those.


These are my top choices for fall/winter. As a WHAM, I prefer comfy, easy clothes, but definitely like when a pattern fetures some stylish details or shaping.
For more Style Arc patterns you can check Amazon. (contains my affiliate link and Amazon ships free!) or at Style Arc website directly.