Monday, August 15, 2011

60 yards of Ruffles!

While the EPP quilt (and a few others) are moving along, my older daughter is turning 4 tomorrow!
Since she is a girliest girl I know, I decided to make her a pink, pink, fluffy pettiskirt.
I'm following this tutorial by Ashley to make the skirt below:

To start off I ruffled 60 yards of light pink ruffles. OK, it was 60 yards to start with, now it's around 30.
I'm hoping to continue tomorrow and maybe finish it next week.
Here are the ruffles (it took a good 2 hours to make them and the bobbin was very, very hot when I stopped to wind some thread!)

UPDATE: Here is the finished result:great fun!

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  1. wow that is impressive! my grad daughters would love that!