Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Not much sewing being done here, excluding alterations and getting everyone's clothes in tip top shape for school, of course.
But that doesn't prevent me from thinking about sewing!
I ordered 8 Simplicity patterns last night
(One of my favorite pattern shopping websites, sewingpatterns.com had an amazing sale).
Here are my faves:

Simplicity 1277
I think this is a very flattering, versatile dress.
It's sized by cup size for a perfect bodice fit.
For woven fabrics.
Wonder what it would look like in lightweight denim with pleather contrast panels?Hmm.

Simplicity 1285
Truthfully, I got this one just for the cute raglan T-shirts.
I love the neckline!

Simplicity 1283
 Love this one! Beautiful pieces, versatile and sized for stretch knits! Double knit, Ponte.

Simplicity 1323

More versatile knit pieces - notice a trend?


Simplicity 1325
And this! Love the basic T-Shirt pattern. The cropped jacket is great for spring/early fall.

These are the fun patterns, the rest are simple, ordinary ones. 
Once I match the projects with my fabrics, I will post an update.


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