Tuesday, July 26, 2011

fabric covered magazine holders

This is a  very easy project to do with your kids on a hot (or rainy, or snowy) afternoon.
I find that my children are more likely to use an organizer that they made, tucking away their coloring pages, clippings and other stuff kids save and store :)

If you decide you want a sturdier holder, you can use 2 boxes (fit one inside the other) or you can use a purchased magazine file like this:
Bankers Box Stor/File Magazine File (00723)

~ empty cereal box
~ fabric
~ glue (Elmers glue is fine, but clear water soluble glue would've been much better)
~ brush or foam brush for applying glue
~ hot glue gun
~ label maker - this is optional, but great for labeling your holders

Each one of my kids were offered to choose fabric they liked.
I cut the fabric down to size of each box - our boxes were 4 different sizes.
Some fabrics were too light and the colors on the box showed through, for these, we just glued some white printer paper to the box before applying the fabric.

Mark the cereal box, making the slanted edge approximately 3-4 inches high from the box bottom on one side. Hot glue the fabric to the box, overlapping the edges. I kept one selvage intact and made sure that the unfinished edge was tucked and hot-glued under the selvage.
Trim and fold the top fabric edges inside the box. Don't worry about gluing the fabric down all around, just a few drops of hot-glue will do.
Make a paste of equal parts of water and glue.
This was my kids favorite part:
Cover the entire box with glue mixture, brushing it on in a thin layer, making sure there are no streaks, and the glue mixture goes on clear. Don;t forget to do the top inside as well, to secure the fabric to the inside of the box.
Put it away to dry.
When dry, make a label of your choice. Enjoy!

And this one is mine:

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