Monday, July 25, 2011

a new quilting adventure!

In my spare time, while holding the baby I do what all mothers of infants the web.
This is how I came across the "60° Diamond EPP Quilt-Along".
Translation:  English Paper Piecing 60 degree Diamond-Star along - how is that for a mouthfull?
That's it - a new obsession crafty interest was born, which in short can be described as: sewing many small pieces of fabric onto a diamond shaped paper template, connecting 6 diamond fabric templates together to make a star, removing the basting thread, connecting the stars to make a quilt.
When my oldest son saw the size of my first star - he said, "Wow, it will take months to make this quilt"
I smiled and said " Nope, years!"
These are my 2 first ever EPP stars. The ones that followed looked much, much better.

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