Monday, December 7, 2015

A Quick Update

I had 3 shirts planned for this week.
So far 2 are close to completion.
Don't have correct fabric for the third and every attempted trip to fabric store has failed.
The last one, today by a cute toddler with fever and cough.

Shirt 1:


This one has been quite a project.
The size I chose was too wide in the sleeves and body. I took it apart and re-cut for smaller size.
The main body is cotton interlock fabric with no recovery, so we'll have to see how it drapes.

Shirt 2:

Skinny B*tch Curvy Chick TONIC 2

I love, love the fit of this one.
It's an excellent cut for short curvy girls.
I raised the neck by 1.5'' and not happy with neck binding. Redoing it now.

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