Tuesday, December 22, 2015

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Argyle sweater knit tollder vest progress.

I used the a very simple and free! Dashing Vest pattern from Love Notions for this vest.
Yes, I "fussycut" the front panel as well as back.

This is a fastest, cutest and most inexpensive project and my toddler loves it!

Argyle Sweater Knit Vest
  "Fussycutting" is a term mostly used by quilters, It's way to cut fabric to showcase a certain fabric element, design or motif.

In this case, the "fussycut" was in order to showcase the color cream argyle elements.
I wanted them centered on front panels as well as back.

The process:
Trace the pattern pieces  onto baking paper, tracing paper or template plastic.

Lay out your fabric right side up, centering the design element you want to showcase.

(This pic shows the pattern piece already cut)

Trace the fabric element on your pattern (it doesn't have to be detailed, general outline is fine, but you should be able to see it well)

I traced 2 diamond shapes to make sure the pattern piece is truly centered.

Flip the pattern piece and lay out, aligning tracings.
Pin and cut.

Ready for sewing!
I wasn't happy about the part in the red rectangle, but you can't have everything, right?
I guess the thin sweater knit has uneven stretch.

Sew it up!

Action shots!

By the way, this is size 3 on my average 2 YO.


My toddler is in love! I will definitely be making more of these.

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