Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Empress Shirt, Tunic and Dress - a pattern review and "bling" transfer tutorial

My oldest daughter isn't into dresses anymore. The A-line swing dress aka Lil' LDT with cowl neck from Love Notions is the only dress she is willing to consider. She does like to jump and twirl, however as all gymnasts do.
So, what's a great alternative to a twirly dress? A great peplum top, of course! When A Sparkly Baby recently came out with the Empress Dress pattern, I admit, I said "not another twirly dress!". But after testing it, I realized I was wrong!

First of all, there are so many t-shirt top, twirly circle skirt dress patterns out there. What grabbed my attention is the empire waist a-line tunic option. My daughter, wanted a "twirly" top, however.
The end result is a shirt length, peplum top with 3/4 sleeves and petal ruffle trim - perfect for spring!

I can see myself using this pattern again and again. First of all, the sizing is very generous Preemie to Size 14! I love, love when designers include all sizes and I don't have to purchase  multiple copies for my girls.
The skirt options include circle skirt, hankie hem, a-line in tunic, shirt and dress length.
Sleeves: short, 3/4, long, hemmed, ruffle, petal ruffle (my favourite!)
And, of course the ever popular hood. Definitely worth the price!
Use coupon code "EMPRESS" to save 30% on any pattern in A Sparkly Baby pattern store (I am not an affiliate, just love these patterns!)

How to make a custom Iron On (Hot Fix) Rhinestone Transfer

I used Hot Fix Trasfer Film Roll from my favourite supplier in China, you can see it here

Step 1: Print out your desired design, letter, initials, etc. Important! If your are using letters, print "mirror reflection" or flip the design horizontally in your Photo Imaging software. (mine is not flipped or mirrored.

 Step 2: Remove, but do not discard white textured backing from your hot fix transfer film

Step 3: apply the clear film to paper, sticky side up, securing on sides with masking tape.

Step 4: Bling you design! Apply your hot fix rhinestones, glass side down and glue side up.

Step 5: Cover the design with white texture backing, adhere slightly, flip over and admire!
adjust slightly if necessary, re-position rhinestones.  Oh, look, my design is flipped! That's what happens if you print out your design incorrectly!

Step 6: prepare your garment piece. Press with hot iron, find and mark horizontal and vertical center (if you want the design centered on your piece).

Step 7: center the design  on your fabric piece, film sticky side down.
Cover with 2-3 layers of cotton woven fabric and press lightly for 10 seconds.

Step 8: Flip the part over and press for 30 seconds from the wrong side to secure the rhinestones. Let cool, remove film. You are done!

What happened with my "wrong" layout? I turned it 90 degrees and pretended it spells "e.s." which works for us!

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