Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Last week sewing roundup: t-shirt, dress, pants and more.

It has been a busy sewing and pattern testing week for me, and that is the reason for lack of blogging on my part. I finished a dress, 3 t-shirts, 3 pants, bolero cardigan and a wristlet.

I am starting with the dress, since it was the most fun and funky (yes, I said) funky project to make.

The pattern is the Little 4 A While Penny Dress and it's so much fun!
My daughter loves it, her teaches loved it  and all the preschoolers loved it!
Just looking at these colors makes me happy!
I used cotton lycra and cotton interlock and couldn't be more pleased with the results.
The second level could definitely be made from scraps.

And of course, obligatory twirl test: PASSED!

Next up, Tshirts for the little guy, getting ready for spring and summer. The Reid from EllieDactyl is a great pattern with so many options! I like the colorblocking, since I get to use up all the cotton lycra scraps and with a little extra effort and some topstitching, the results are worthy of any children's wear boutique. Here are some I made this week:

 Yes, the monsters are upside down, but  let's face it, my kid stands on his head at least some of the time!

And some pants to go with these:Both are Chipmuk Cheeks Pants from Duck Butt Designs.

Here is the "modeling" shot me son allowed me to take.

And an action shot: Hiking! Yes, the sky was really this blue, not a cloud!

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